Douglas B-18


The B-18 was a twin engine heavy bomber first delivered to US forces in 1937.  Although it was a recent design the B-18 quickly became obsolete with the entry of the United States into WW II.
In 1941 many of the B-18 bombers were converted to anti-submarine patrol aircraft.


The B-18 carried a payload of up to 4,000 lbs.  Defensive armament was just three .30 caliber machine guns, one each in the nose, ventral, and dorsal positions.  About 340 B-18 bombers were built.
 122 were converted to the anti-submarine role in 1941.


B-18 information taken from The Encyclopedia of the World’s Combat Aircraft, edited by Iain Parson, published by Chartwell Books Inc, New York, 1976.


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