My Grandfather

As the oldest grandson I had the opportunity of permanently affixing the name "Buppa" on my grandfather (and, since my slightly older female cousin chose "Hot Dog," I don't feel that I did too bad).  I grew up hearing his stories and actually enjoying listening to most of them, most of the time.  My respect for my grandfather does not simply extend to his wartime service but also, indeed especially, to what he has done with his life since VJ Day.   I respect his courage to open and manage a series of businesses.  I admire his devotion to my grandmother as he cared for her through a long and difficult illness until she was called Home, and I appreciate the role he still plays in the lives of his great grandchildren.


This website was originally created using Print Shop 6 as a school assignment.  I passed the class but an ISP change several years later spelled the end of the website.  I have been determined to get it back up, though, as in some small way it is my means of saying Thank You to my grandfather and every other soldier, sailor, and marine who have served to defend America.  To the extent possible, I have attempted to recreate the website in the same fashion it was originally.

One of my main purposes is to try to reunite my grandfather with some of the men that he served with.  It is difficult because his unit was broken up and changed so many times.  One of his best friends was William "Bill" Dees from Texas.  If you know this face, please drop me an email.

James "Buppa" Cooney with friend Kay Miller